How to Do Venice on the Cheap

Venice, Italy – one of the most romantic cities in the world, but be warned it doesn’t come cheap!

Venice is made up of 118 islands all connected by a compelling network of bridges and separated by world famous canals.

things to do in venice

Situated along the marshy Venetian Lagoon, Venice is notoriously prone to flooding but this does not detract from the fact the city is listed as a World Heritage Site. Visitors flock to the city, many of whom find cheap apartments in Venice, to take in the impressive canals and take a ride in the iconic gondolas.


Venice is also listed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, in part thanks to the gondola rides along the immaculate canals. Yet the city offers more than just that, it is possibly to do Venice on the cheap. For culture vultures, a Venice museum pass will allow entry into nine sites of note, ranging from the Murano Glass museum to Doge’s Palace.


Of course St. Mark’s Basilica is top of many visitors’ wish lists, and luckily for the budget-conscious travellers it does not charge an entry fee. As with many cities the best bargains are to be found by simply wandering. A maze of streets and alleys hold hidden treasures and Venice is no exception.


But for those who don’t like the sound of walking, Venice also has many discount passes offering combinations on transportation and sights. Getting lost in Venice is relatively easy but it’s also great fun. Friendly locals will often be happy to show you the way to your next attraction and there are colourful direction signs painted on many walls.


Buying 12 or 24-hour tourist tickets for both individuals and families saves money, while for those visiting for a longer period of time can purchase three or seven-day tickets. These can be used on water buses and land buses.


Using the gondolas (Traghetti) to cross the Grand Canal is time efficient, there are only three bridges crossing the canal but seven pick-up spots for those wishing to catch a gondola.


Finally the last tip is to take to the elevator to the top of the bell tower in the Piazza de San Marco. It offers the best vies in town and if you’re lucky enough, or just good at planning, you may be able to coincide your visit with the ringing of the vast bells, just inches above your head.