The beauty of backpacking comes with the simplicity and independency hence enjoying international travel. Not only does it cost less, backpack travel allows the use of undemanding yet fun means of travel like the bus or the back of jeeps or trucks .Australia is rapidly becoming a favourite among backpackers .Backpack travelling can at times be very frustrating especially when you miss the only bus out but all in all, seeing the world is what that matters most. Travel Australia and experience the life and culture for just about 2000$ – 2500$ per month.

Transport costs

Visiting a country like Australia has become the dream of every backpack traveller. Transport for a backpack traveller is easily accessible in Australia since there are local buses and trains costing around 2$ to 3$.Australia has a backpacker bus services such as the Oz Experience however, the cheapest way to travel around Australia is to drive yourselves and split cost with your friends.

Hostel costs

Backpacker hostels in Australia are in places such as Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and Melbourne. Backpack travellers need to understand the rising standards of hostels in Australia. However, in most cases the price of a hostel reflects on the particular standard of the hostel. Approximately, a dorm room with about 4-10 beds will cost a traveller from $17-$39. However, there are added benefits of staying in hostels. For instance, there are free hours of unlimited internet access, free breakfast or beer in case one is lucky. Should you decide you want the privacy hostels don’t offer you can always search for hotels in Melbourne from Expedia and find an affordable place to stay at, not just in Melbourne, but also Adelaide, Cairns, and many of the other major cities in Australia.

Food costs

A lot of backpack travellers enjoy dining out not at fancy restaurant but at local street eateries. Ready-made food and drinks are also what most young adults backpack travellers enjoy. Snacks, Junk foods and delicious take outs will make any backpack traveller munch with expectancy.However,as much as food in Australia is known to be very expensive, whether it is street food or buying groceries to cook for yourself, backpack travellers are at an advantage since most hostels offer meals for under 6$ .

Activity costs

Young adults enjoy this form of travel since it provides opportunities for adventures. There have been descriptions that backpack travellers are viewed as cheap, but being convectional, they take pride in migrating from place to place while enjoying different cultures from interesting places. Moreover, there are other numerous activities that can be conducted such as hiking, sky dive expedition and sea surfing. Each of these activities roughly costs about $100-$200.

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