Ever wanted to travel to South America but don’t need to spend huge wads of cash? With South America’s astonishing beauty, it is a preferred place you would love to visit one of these days. Thanks to its beautiful scenery, pompous festivals, and exotic people who are always on the mood to party. South America should be on the list of a must travel overseas destination especially if you have never been there before. You will find yourself spending a wonderful time without thinking that you are spending too much.


Traveling to South America is not very expensive and you can keep the budget down by staying at hostels or camps. Spending a night in most of South American hostels found in the cites and towns will cost you around 5$-15$ a night. Many hostels come with fully equipped modern kitchens and usually allow guests to cook their own food if they wish so.

Another way to further bring your costs down is to travel by local transport and remember to ask the people at the hostels how much it costs to travel from one place to another. Getting around most parts of the country is not that expensive as long as you use public transport.


Mountain biking and trekking is very popular here. This way, you get a chance to see the beauty in all its glory and give yourself some exercise. Other fun activities include biking, rafting, surfing etc.Day to day expeditions can cost you 50 to 80 bucks.


Food in South America is not that cheap if you choose to eat at restaurants. You can keep to cooking your own food if your hostel has the facilities or eat at the local food stalls for as little as 3$. You also get the chance to try out the local cuisine said to be outrigger delicious and spicy. One thing is hard to forget is the wine, whether it is Chilean or Bolivian all are great.

Traveling to South America is a must for any aspiring traveler, holiday maker and backpacker alike. This region can get ridiculously cheap especially if you choose not to splurge your money and stay on budget hotels or hostels, travel by local transport and eat cheap and healthy. On average it would cost you between 1500-2000US$ a month which is absolutely on the low end.

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