If you thought that is was impossible to enjoy a cheap and fun travel experience then think again. If you know all the right things then it is quite possible to have an enjoyable trip. Backpacking around Central America is one mind-blowing experience. Think of the sandy beaches, world renowned festivals, vibrant nightlife and numerous fun activities you could for just about 1000 – 1500 USD per month. Backpacking provides a unique platform where you can meet and interact with different people from all over the globe and form unique bonds of friendship. This is the best way to experience what the world has to offer in its truest form.

Hostel costs

In order to capitalize on savings and minimize on costs, hostels are the ideal place to stay when on a backpacking trip in Central America since hostel costs are relatively low. They provide all the necessary services at a fraction of the cost you would have incurred at a hotel. For example you can stay at a hostel for as little as 25$-30$ per night which is quite cheap compared to hostels in other regions of the world. If you’re feeling the need for some luxury, you can also find good deals through things like Club Med All inclusive vacations and the like.

Activity Costs

Make sure that you explore and go on an adventure. Tour brochures can always be found in the lobby of hostel you are staying at. Another important thing is that you should be open minded when planning your activities; your activity cost does not have to be super high for you to have an adventure. Depending on where you go, you can spend 15$-20$ but the brochures will help you determine that exact cost for planning.

Transport Costs

Well it’s quite obvious that you will need a backpack. How you pack will either make or break your trip so this is very important.Packing heavy might leave a big dent in your transport costs so you should be careful. Another way to save on costs is by using public transportation like buses and trains.

Food costs

The best place to find cheap and different tasty meals is usually the local markets and vendor stands found on almost every street. One can get a hefty as well healthy meal inclusive of rice, meat and a sizable amount of vegies for as little 2$ a plate and as you stroll further along you can get mango desert for as little as 0.25$.

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