The number one factor people always put into consideration before they even begin making travel plans is how much the entire trip will cost. After finances are in order, they start the planning. Your time in Africa does not have to be expensive and luxurious for you to have loads of relaxation and fun. With a lot of emphasis on the fun part. There are several cost effective backpacking trips all around the globe and one of the most cost effective is Africa. If there is one thing Africa is known for, it’s the fact that you can enjoy a simple lifestyle and blend well with the locals no matter where you come from.

Hostel costs

Let’s start with accommodation costs; you don’t have to be booked in five star hotels to have a goodnight sleep. While in Africa, you can find hostels and lodges that offer decent accommodation for as low as 30$ per night. And by decent I mean a comfortable bed, proper service, a hot shower and tasty meals.

Activity Costs

When it comes to activity, it is quite obvious that what brought you to Africa is the untouched nature, wildlife and the sandy beaches perhaps. There are several activities for you to participate, ranging from game drives, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing among several others. The prices for such activities usually range from 150$ – 200$ depending on where you go. If you like clubbing and partying, then you will be happy to know that major African cities are notorious for their vibrant night life.

Transport Costs

Moving from one place to another has never been easier while in Africa. Africa is globally known for its flexible public transportation network. You can get virtually anywhere via cheap and affordable public transportation. The choices of transportation modes include vans, motorbikes, bicycles and steam engine trains.

Food costs

You haven’t had the full African experience if you haven’t tried out the street food. Believe it or not, for as little as 2$ you can get a tasty meal that will ensure you are fully satisfied. The variety is massive with tasty snacks going for as little as 0.25$. It definitely goes without saying that if you are looking for a cost effective backpacking trip, Africa is the place to go because you will end spending around 1500-2000 US Dollars for a month.

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