Holiday in St. Ives

When it comes to taking a holiday within the UK, the only place that truly comes to mind is going out to St. Ives. There are endless adventures to take in this beautiful place. Everything from relaxation to adrenaline highs can be had here. Here are some of the best things you can do in St. Ives to ensure that you are going to have the best possible time that you can.


Go to the Minack Theatre

Out at the Minack Theatre live performances are what gets people through the day. This theatre is located in Porthcurno right near the edge of a cliff. As you watch a performance you have one of the most exciting views as a background. This stunning view of the ocean can make this experience a memorable one for theatre goers even if a live performance isn’t their idea of a great night. Shows run nightly and they even put on a few matinees.

Visit the Most Western Point in England

If in St. Ives, one of the most unique places you can go for a few hours is Land’s End. It is unique because it is literally the most Western point of England. There is actually no other place like it. Land’s End is actually not too far from Minack Theatre, kill two birds with one stone and do both in one day! Walking out on the rocks you can see Longships Lighthouse, Wolf Rock, and far out into the distance will be the Isle of Scilly. Definitely not a place to miss.

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Go All Around the World Without Leaving St. Ives

Make sure you get the chance to check out the Eden Project. The Eden project consists of two incredibly large greenhouses that house several different mock environments. In one of the these geodesic domes is a rainforest conservatory. You can walk through the rainforest without leaving the UK, some kind of holiday if you ask me. The other conservatory is much more diverse and has plants, fruits, and flowers from the Mediterranean area, South Africa, and California. This is a true global experience that can take you only a few hours to enjoy.

This is only a small sampling for the fun that can be had on a St. Ives holiday. To truly ensure that you are going to have the best possible time make sure you book the best St. Ives accommodation. While you have many choices there is only one that stands above the rest. With miraculous views, private gardens, multi bedrooms, telescopes, and personal balconies, St. Ives apartments are the way to go. Treat yourself with some privacy, away from hotel staffs, this holiday.