Hitting the Slopes on an Ice Cold Budget

High-class ski-resorts, celebrity instructors, and personally designed equipment are often the go-to thoughts for those thinking about hitting the slopes during the colder seasons. If this thinking sounds like yours and you tend to shy away from the slopes because your bank account is looking a little ice cold, it’s time to think smaller. Getting out and enjoying all that a winter experience has to offer is easier and more cost effective that you think.


Share and Share Alike

This is going the motto for any savvy traveler and is never more appropriate than when you’re looking at hitting the slopes. Even if you’re in a small group of friends, resist the temptation to book a room to yourselves at a resort or a hotel right on the snow. Instead, look for private small home rentals close to the area and more in a local environment. While you may have to encounter a small drive to the snow, the money you’re going to save can be better spent elsewhere.


Shop Smart Before You Leave

Many unseasoned snow enthusiasts often find that when they arrive closer to the slopes that hiring equipment and clothing is often much cheaper than purchasing. However, this comes down to context. While hiring at the slopes is more expensive than buying at the slopes, it isn’t always cheaper than buying before you leave. Take advantage of stores like 6pm that offer Groupon coupons that can keep your costs down before you head out.


Pick Your Season Carefully

You likely won’t be surprised that when the snow is at its best is when the prices for everything are going to be much higher, however just because the snow isn’t at its best doesn’t mean that it’s unrideable. Once you’ve chosen your preferred slopes, do some research through forums online and see what seasoned riders are saying. Not only can you learn a lot about how rideable out of season snow is, they are likely able to read the weather and snowfall better than most tourist groups and can guide you on when to go outside of ‘the season’.


Just because you can’t afford that dream snow holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the snow and everything that comes with it – you just need to be smart. So take these tips, watch your money and enjoy!