Hakuba: The Best Ski Resort In Japan

I have always spoken very openly about how I love skiing in Japan, in the past I’ve written about falling in love with Niseko when I was last there. The truth is that I have secretly been in love with another ski town in Japan – Hakuba. If you were tuned into the winter games in 1998 you might have heard its name mentioned. Slowly but surely Hakuba has been on the rise, no more can it be my little secret!

To get you more in the know about this awesome region, here are the reasons why I love heading back to Hakuba whenever I can.

The Slopes

Located perfectly in the heart of the alps here, Hakuba is one to the best ski resorts the country has to offer. The valley has 9 tops resorts dotted across it, it provides you with varied terrain and some of the most testing slopes you’ll find in Japan. Whichever resort you choose, it’s super easy to reach them from Happo or Wadano.

As it is ideally situated in the Alps, Hakuba is blessed with some of the best snow in the country. the annual snow number exceeds 10 meters, and has the quality to match anywhere in the world. There are 135 lifts and more than 200 trails for you to choose from. The resorts cater for all levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Easy To Get To

No one wants to be lugging there bags round airports and stations when they’re supposed to be enjoying a holiday. The good news is that Hakuba is very easy to get to. I went there straight from Narita, plenty of buses and taxis on hand depending on your budget. If you do feel like relaxing then take advantage of the service which will take your bags straight to Hakuba for you, so you don’t have to do a thing! I should add that if you travel in from Tokyo it will take less time; the bullet train is 3 1/2 hours whereas the bus from Narita can take you around 6 hours.

Family Friendly

A lot of families head to Hakuba because the activities for the young ones are brilliant. We went to the Happo-One Resort, our kids loved the area there made just for people their age. Inside the resort you can choose from two different types of parks, here the kids can learn to ski, sled, and play around in the snow with people their own age – mine had the most fun building snowmen and engaging in snowball fights. If you’re traveling with toddlers then the preschool Maa’am club is a great option, they’ll take care of toddlers above 3 months old. That means you can hit the slopes knowing that the kids are in good hands.