Why Glamping is Better Than Camping

I went glamping in Cornwall last year and I had the best time ever doing something completely different to what I have ever done before. Initially we went because we had heard that in terms of glamping Cornwall offers the best spots. I always liked the idea of camping but there was just something about the cold, wet and the potential creepy crawlies that really put me off. Someone suggested glamping to me last year and I had no idea what it was really, the only things that I had seen in the past were people camping in fancy dress, but it seems that I got the wrong end of the stick. Anyway I was eventually convinced to go glamping with my friends and it turned out to be one of the best trips that I have ever taken. If you want to get the joys of camping but without all of the difficulties of living in nature, here is why glamping is the perfect choice for you.


When you go glamping you will stay in one of the many yurts or cabins which the campsite have, that are warm and cosy. This means that when you have had enough of the great outdoors, you can simply head into your little abode, and warm up for a while. A campfire is all well and good but it is nothing in comparison with a nice yurt with central heating inside.


I am a thoroughly modern woman and that means that I love to have my phone charger on, my laptop connected and a speaker wherever I go. Imagine my great joy then at realizing that the cabins and yurts which you can rent when you go glamping are fully connected to the electric and they even have wifi. I understand that camping purists probably won’t like this but were it not for these fabulous amenities I would never have enjoyed the pleasure that camping, or in this case glamping, can bring.


When you go camping you and your friends can either decide to stay in separate tents, or all bundle into one tent, which can be pretty uncomfortable. When you stay in these cabins and yurts however you can all stay in your own beds, with enough space to do your own thing and store your stuff. We had a far better time as a group of friends in the yurt, than we ever would have had if we had to use tents.


I know that it is easy to get dirty when you are out in nature, and I’m OK with that. What I am not OK with however is that when you do get dirty, there is nowhere to enjoy a steamy hot shower so that you can clean off properly. This is yet another reason why I love glamping, you can go out and have some fun, getting muddy all the while, and then return back to your cabin for a hot shower, bliss.

Why not try out glamping this year, here is where we went, perhaps you’ll enjoy it like we did.

Perran Springs Holiday Park