Get rewarded when you spend!

It’s so nice being able to go out and spend money knowing that you are going to get rewarded. It’s almost like you are getting a discount, this is because the rewards will be saving you money in the future! I love to travel so for me when I find a rewards programme that will give me travel rewards I get very excited indeed.

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I recently found the best rewards programme that I have seen so far, the Avios reward scheme is absolutely perfect. You can earn amazing rewards with some of the world’s leading airlines such s British Airways. Sounds good right? That is because it is! Getting an incentive like discounted or free flights with someone like BA was enough incentive for me to sing up straight away. You can earn rewards by spending money at places like Tesco and also major garages. We usually spend most of our money on petrol and also when we go food shopping, it will make it easier for us to part with our cash if we can get some great rewards.

So how does it work? Well, when you spend your money with any of the participating companies you will earn Avios points, the more points you earn then more great deals there are on offer to you. To see how many points you need for things such as flights you should head over to the Avios website, it’s a really user friendly website and once you take a look I am sure you will sign up as quickly as I did.

For a fun way to learn more about how the programme works you should check out the great new game that the good people of Avios have designed for us. It’s called Avios Dropple, it has been made to clearly show people just how much the reward programme can benefit you. It is very straight forward; you spend your money, collect points and then redeem your points through the participating companies. I urge you to sign up as soon as possible, I am so happy that I did because I will soon be jetting off with British Airways for next to nothing very soon! I have told all my friends and family about the programme, they are all part of it now because we all love getting rewarded for spending our money.