Fun in Fuerteventura

If you feel winter has been far too familiar this year then don’t let your pale skin suffer anymore. With a continent of sun just across the channel, and flights aplenty, pack your bags and head to Fuerteventura!

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As part of the Canary Island archipelago, Fuerteventura is not as busy as Tenerife or Lanzarote but is equally accessible with plenty of affordable flights to and from most European cities including London through  flythomascook. The larger islands are also connected via ferries, so there are plenty of options for getting there and around.

The reasons to choose Fuerteventura are endless: It’s a short flight and it’s an affordable, English-friendly destination with a stunning coast line and Spanish flare.

Transport is convenient and uncomplicated. It’s extremely easy to get from Correlejo – a fishing village and popular resort – to the sand dune beaches south of town. Alternatively, the island is served by numerous car rental agencies letting you direct your own island tour. While usually I would advise against car hire in foreign countries as the experience can be harrowing. On Fuerteventura, however, making your own way around town in a rental car is fairly placid.

Fuerteventura is a beach-goers paradise. From lounging on the sands to hitting the waves, Fuerteventura has some of the most attractive beaches in Europe, Corralejo being a favourite beach town. Whether you prefer the more rocky beaches to the north western side of town, or the pure, almost desert-like sand beaches of the east and south eastern side, there is beach for everyone. It is worth noting that although there are no official nude beaches, a large majority of tourists and beach goers here seem to enjoy the beach in the nude.

The warm African winds also make the beaches popular for kite surfers and wind surfing. The water is crystal clear, attracting scuba divers and snorkelers to the peninsula’s rich marine life and breathtaking underwater caves, particularly around Playa de Barlovento.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park just south of Corralejo is a must-see. The area is dedicated to preserving the large, almost desert like dunes that hug the coastline. Try walking up the dunes; it’s hard work. Or take a dune buggy ride if you want to take it easy. Corralejo gives you a true desert feel, but when it gets too hot, the ocean is within reach.

For those with an adventurous spirit, be sure to visit the limestone caves of Ajuy, which pirates used to use as hiding places centuries ago.

Pretty coves and lagoons are dotted around El Cotillo on the north-western side, with the historic town of La Oliva an attractive place for a day trip. Another top option is to head down the eastern side to reach Fuerteventura’s lively capital city, Puerto del Rosario. Further south is one of Fuerteventura’s busiest resorts, Costa Caleta, before the island curves around into the Jandía peninsula.

Fuerteventura offers plenty to explore; a mix of history, culture and adventure and most importantly, when on holiday, it’s a great place to simply relax!