Four Top Tips for Organising Group Business Travel

Organizing business travel can be tricky at the best of times, but when you’re booking for more than one individual, it’s complicated two, three, or even more times over. As the person in charge, it’s down to you to dot the Is and cross the Ts, but getting everyone’s details on file while also finding the best deals can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

Luckily, there are certain tips to make things run more smoothly, and to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of them. Covering everything from the insurance you should have in place through to tricks for making the admin and organization side of things easier, we hope you’ll find them useful.

Get everyone’s travel details on file ahead of time

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One of the hardest parts of organizing travel for groups is getting hold of everyone’s details when you need them, so before you consider any other aspect, ask your attendees and/or potential attendees to send their passport details, seat preferences, availability, and so on across to you. This should ensure that you never find yourself in a position where you think you have all of the essentials in place only to find that someone throws a spanner in the works when you’re about to book.    

Take out appropriate insurance cover 

Once you have everyone’s details and a good idea of who’s going to be attending, it’s a wise idea to ensure that you have appropriate protection in place for the members of staff who’ll be participating. Workers comp insurance should cover most of your bases, as it protects both your employees and your business/the company you work for in the event of any accident, illness, or death that occurs while working or participating in work-related activities such as travel.  

Check out the rules for group bookings before selecting an airline

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Different airlines will offer different prices, meaning that some will naturally appeal more than others. That being said, booking efficient business travel isn’t just about finding the cheapest option out there. Rather, there are lots of factors to take into consideration, such as whether it’s a necessity for your employees to check-in at the same time and fly together or whether they can check-in individually as part of your group booking and travel at various times. Because of this, we recommend making sure that you’re clear on any rules and regulations that might impact your decision in advance.    

Take the time to shop around 

Last but not least, we’d always recommend that you take the time to shop around in order to secure the best prices on flights and hotels. While this can be a long and complex task, it will nonetheless save you significant sums of money, and if you don’t want to take care of it yourself, you can always hand it over to a travel management company. Set up to take care of your business travel bookings so you don’t have to, these specialist enterprises can be well worth spending on for those who want to ensure a smooth and streamlined process. 

Follow our four top tips today to make your group business travel bookings easier!