Fez – The only place to stay in Marrakech

One of my favourite places to stay when I visit Marrakech is Fez. Fez has everything us tourists need to have  great time, it is such a popular tourist spot they have made sure that there is something there for any need. Not only are the local amenities fantastic but Fez hotels are probably some of the best that you will find in the whole of Marrakech, there are hotels to suit any kind of budget. I went for a middle or the road hotel and was completely blown away by the quality for the price I paid. When I was there I made a point of going into some of the more luxurious hotels for a drink or a bite to eat, I came to the conclusion that luxury in Fez is real luxury! If ever I go back with my girlfriend I will most definitely be checking into one of the five star hotels, the food is great, the staff fantastic and the rooms that I saw were absolutely pristine!


Here are some useful pointers for booking a hotel in Fez:


A lot of hotels offer a free transfer from the airport, I think this is absolutely essential so make sure that the hotel you book offers this service. It can be difficult to track down a taxi outside the airport that will take you to your hotel for a reasonable price. You don’t want to get off your flight and have to worry about negotiating a decent price for a taxi, even if  you have to pay a small fee for the transfer service from the hotel it will be more than worth it just to avoid any hassle.

The extras

Check to see what is included in the price. For me the biggest things are always breakfast and wifi, I think that all hotels should at least include wifi in the price of the room. I genuinely get a little bit hot under the collar when I hear that I have to pay an extra fee just to use wifi, make sure that your hotel offers it for free. If breakfast is also included then that’s great, having one of your daily meals already paid for means that your budget will stretch a lot further.

Location, Location, Location

Locations is always an important factor when choosing a hotel. You might find a nice hotel at a great price but it might be very far from the places that you have planned to visit, this means that you will end up paying more in the long run because of the daily taxi fares that you need to include. Another point is that if your hotel is away from the action your choices for evening activities may be limited and you may have to eat at the hotel. Whilst eating in the hotel is certainly not the end of the world it is always nice to have a number of options close by, this is more important if you are travelling with your family.