Family Travel with Wimdu

Family Travel with Wimdu

Travelling is an excellent way to spend time together as a family! No matter how old your children are, going on an adventure together is a great way to appreciate each other’s company and become closer as a family. However it can often seem that as a family you get stuck doing the tacky tourist activities, staying in unfriendly hotels and spending too much money. Luckily there are a growing number of options to avoid such traps.

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Stay with locals
In the past couple of years a new phenomenon of Social Travel has started to become more and more popular. Websites such as are a great resource for this type of travel. This company offers an online source of 50,000 private room and apartment rentals listed by locals throughout the world. Staying in this type of accommodation gives way to a whole new experience for families because they can truly experience what it feels like to be immersed within a culture. This is a good way to teach children about a new culture and get them to learn and explore differences. In addition your family can specifically research which location would be most suitable to your own needs, so if you want to be in a busy city center or on the outskirts of town near a park this is all possible. The large range of listings are able to cover your families individual needs and desires because you can specifically pick out exactly what you are looking for.
Unique Spaces
Hotels can be very boring, impersonal and unaccommodating to families. Staying in a local accommodation opens up a world uniquely memorable places to rest your head. A family can stay anywhere from a tree house in France to a cave in Bethlehem or a Tee Pee in Hong. This type of accommodation does not only add adventure into your travel but it also will create a memorable chatter amongst your family for many years to come. Your family will be amazed by the endless unique accommodation offers that are easily found through the Wimdu website that will keep your whole family engaged and excited while travelling.

Cost reduction
Whether your family is looking for a luxurious family get away, or an inexpensive back packing adventure you will be able to find the best option through one of Wimdus 50,000 listed accommodations. Your family can be assured to find a place to stay within their budget no matter in what destination you choose . As well with many of the rentals there is facilities to cook your own meals and hosts often include breakfast in the stay, cutting down on costs even more! Living with a local will also give your family the opportunity to learn about the secrets behind seeing the area in an affordable way. Most often hosts are filled with information about where to buy the cheapest food, how to get tour discounts, and the best way to experience the culture while staying on budget.