Family Fun in the UK Summer Sunshine

You might not immediately equate the UK with sunshine and summer activities, but when the clouds finally recede in the summer months, there is an absolute goldmine of activities to enjoy here. If you’re traveling with a family, the UK is a great place to base your holiday in summertime. For an unforgettable holiday, check out these ideas for summer breaks UK for sun, sea and sand:


Explore the Beaches

From rock climbing to surfing to simply laying out and enjoying the sand, the UK’s beaches are  diverse and refreshing. Heading out to the beach is a great summertime activity; walk along the coastline breathing in the fresh salty air and stopping for some fish and chips along the way. Barafundle Bay beach in Wales is one of the most breathtaking parts of the stunning Welch coastline. In East Sussex, check out Camber Sands beach hidden behind a mountain of golden dunes. This soft and sandy beach stretches out for miles and is a great place for flying kites or just sinking your toes into the sand.

Stay in a Coastal Resort

Need a bit of time out? Butlin’s has the answer in 2013. For adventures the whole family will enjoy, entrust your holiday to the team at Butlin’s resorts. The fantastic services, accommodation, food and entertainment will make your stay memorable and comfortable. And not only that, but their resorts are located in prime spots on some of the UK’s best beaches. You’ll enjoy the open space, fresh sea air and tons of sports and activities to choose from both at the resort and in the surrounding areas. There are fairs and waterparks for the kids, world-class dining options and live entertainment day and night so you’ll never be bored. The staff at Butlin’s are dedicated to making sure your stay is above and beyond what you dreamed it could be at a regular resort. For outdoor adventures, seaside relaxation and family fun you will find everything you’re looking for at one of their fantastic hotels.

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Chill Out in London

When the summer months hit, there is hardly a better place to be than right in the middle of London Town. The entire city is alive with festivals and outdoor activities when the sun is out. Check out the festivities at Somorset House during the summertime. The courtyard here is a hotspot in summer for open-air music festivals and eclectic film screenings, so bring a picnic and a blanket for when it cools down at night. Walk around Hyde Park to take in some nature, or hit some golf balls at Alexandra Palace- it might not be the biggest golf course in London, but it certainly offers the best views. Head out to Battersea Park for great views of the Thames River, an art gallery and even a children’s zoo. Bring rollerblades to scoot around quickly on wheels!