Essential tips for a beach holiday

Everyone loves spending a week in the sun, lounging on a beach and forgetting all about the stresses of home is something that we all look forward to. The majority of people have spent time on the beach, whether that be at home or abroad. There’s never been a better time to get out of the UK, the weather is so miserable that a week in the sun would be a very welcome break indeed! At the beginning of each new year you will find great deals for beach holidays, companies know that people are not usually thinking about a holiday straight after christmas so they deliberately put on some outrageous sales. if you see something that you like at a knock down price then i recommend that you snap it up immediately! I have several friends that make a point of travelling in the first couple of months of the new year, they love looking forward to escaping the wet and cold weather. I must say that I cannot disagree with them, it’s a fantastic idea! So, once you have booked the holiday it’s start to think about what you need to bring. Here are some great tips to think about before you jet off to the sun and fun.

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The Essentials

I know your life is probably very busy but no beach holiday is complete without a good shopping spree first. You need to go out there and find the best swimsuit or swim shorts for your holiday. Hopefully it is the one thing that you will be wearing most on your holiday, so make sure that you buy something that you absolutely love! Other essentials are flip flops, find a good comfortable pair. You will be wearing flip flops absolutely every wear so make sure that you don’t try to go budget and buy a pair that look like they won’t break easily.

Remember to play it safe

We love the sun, who doesn’t? But you have to remember that the sun, whilst being amazing, is something that can do you harm. So, go to the shop and buy some sun cream. You know your body better than anyone else and how it reacts to the sun, buy the relevant factor sun cream. It’s also a good idea to buy some lip balm as well. Don’t forget that a good hat and sunglasses will also help you as well.

Don’t overpack

This is relevant to any holiday that you go on, but it is essential when you go on a beach holiday. I mean really, how much do you need when you are going to be sitting on a beach for a week? You will only need some light clothing, so don’t pack everything that is in your wardrobe. Pack smart and your bag will not only be lighter but also easier to pack when you have to head home.