Escape on a remote romantic getaway to paradise on Earth

Ever dreamt of escaping into the middle of nowhere for some quality time with your one and only? Once you have found that one special someone, it is not unlikely that you would want to spend all the time you possibly can in his or her company. A honeymoon is no exception to the rule.

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The concept of the honeymoon, dating back to the 16th century, originates in the idea that the period just after the wedding is a time when things are at their sweetest. This is the time for every newlywed couple to take a break from everyday life and travel off into paradise to build the foundation of a relationship that will create memories of a lifetime. This is a journey where the focus should be on the two of you, together, where privacy, along with communication, are key to any successful relationship.


Now, the cliché reads that the most popular honeymoon destinations have always been, and seems to continue to be, the romantic cities of Italy and the French Riviera. But, why would you want to have hundreds of other hysterical tourists and romance-seeking newlyweds around you when instead you could head out into the rejuvenating atmosphere of a remote and peaceful rainforest? Imagine waking up to a gourmet breakfast in the refreshing ocean breeze, spending the wake hours exploring nature, relaxing by the pool and indulging in soothing massages before ending the day strolling along a deserted beach into the sunset.


Sounds tempting? Steer your Google searches toward the coast of Far North Queensland in Australia and you will find exactly what you are looking for. Here, by the shore of the Daintree Rainforest lie the secluded luxury accommodations of Bloomfield Lodge. Whether you dream of an adventure in the depths of the jungle, if you thrive while floating around on the openness of the magnificent ocean, or if you crave nothing more than peace of mind in the company of your loved one, a place like this has all of that and more right outside your doorstep.


What is even more spectacular about this type of honeymoon destinations is that most take part in the ecotourism initiative. Here, the focus is on practicing environmentally sustainable activities while promoting personal growth and self-awareness. It is about appreciating what we have and making the best out of it. What more could you need to create the honeymoon of your dreams?