Which Countries Produce the Finest Coffee?

Whether you have a French press, a moka pot or a coffee maker with grinder, have you ever considered where exactly those beans you are using have come from? We grow coffee in just about every corner of the globe and each has its own distinct flavor and texture which sets it apart from the rest. When we look deeper into which nation grows coffee, we can see that the highest producers of the coffee bean do not necessarily brew the finest coffee in terms of rich flavor. So who exactly is brewing what we generally consider to be the finest coffee bean? Let’s take a look.


Something which you may not know is that Ethiopia is the birthplace of the coffee bean, it has been growing wild here for centuries.  Owing to this longevity, the natural landscape is ideal for continuing the growth of the bean and that is one of the reasons why Ethiopian coffee is generally considered as the world’s best. Speciality coffees here have a syrup-like texture to them because of the process which is used, and the country produces over 4 million bags per year.


Colombia is a country which features high on the list of countries which produces the most coffee, but it is also well regarded around the world as being one of the finest out there. Colombia’s geography is such that many microclimates exist, especially in mountainous regions, which is what contributes to the bountiful coffee growing seasons and the quality of the coffee itself. The finest coffee in the country is generally considered to come from microlots which sees independent coffee growers harvest small batches multiple times over the year.


Guatemala has one sold some of the world’s finest coffee and experts put the depth of flavor down to the volcanic soil in which the beans are grown. This coupled with humidity, rainfall and altitude is why the Guatemalan bean is famous around the world for its floral aroma and its various flavor profiles.


Rwanda was pretty late to the coffee growing party but their lack of history in the industry has had absolutely zero impact on the quality of beans that it is able to grow. This nation regularly wins awards for its coffee beans and the flavors are described as being truly unique, with hints of pecan and sandalwood filling the palate. This has boosted their economy greatly and coffee lovers have found an instant attraction to the beans which are being produced in the African nation.


The cost of Panamanian coffee is extremely high and this is because of the small harvests and the high quality which is produced there. In fact the Panama Geisha is considered to be the world’s most expensive cup of coffee, with a 10oz back costing a whopping $400. The strength of the bean here and the high acidity is what ensures that people continue to open up their wallets to coffee which has been grown in this country.

How many of these have you tried?