Compression clothing from Nike is a must have!

Head over to Milletsports right now if you want to find an amazing selection of Nike Base Layers, they are perfect to keep you warm and feeling great this winter.


Milletsports have such a fantastic range of the latest performance enhancing base layer and compression clothing from Nike. They are a great fit for you whether you are racing or training, they will make sure that your performance is at it’s peak at all times!

I love wearing the compression clothing, not only does it keep me training at my peak but it also looks brilliant. There’s nothing better than wearing something that looks great safe in the mind knowing that it is helping you train or race as hard as you possibly can.

The first bit of compression clothing that I tried out was the pro combat training shirt, I read the tags that told me it would stop me over heating regardless of the weather I was running in – a big claim! It was a claim that was 100% true, I headed off on a frosty december morning in my shirt and the training shirt certainly lived up to the hype. At no point did I ever feel cold from the winter elements, but I also did not sweat nearly half as much as I usually do. The shirt absorbed absolutely everything which meant that when I had finished my run I still looked great and I smelt great too.

The next thing that I really wanted to try out were the compression shorts. Let me tell you that we all need a pair! I went out for a bike ride, again on a cold morning, and these shorts were a million times better than any other cycling shorts I had tried. They offered the maximum protection that was need to keep me warm and comfortable. For all you avid cyclists out there you will be more than happy to hear that the irritaion that is usually caused from chafing was massively reduced. The extra thigh panels that are built into the shorts stopped any sliding (that can cause injury) and stopped any type of friction that can usually occur between shorts.

So if you’re looking to get maximum comfort and performance then next time you’re on your bike or running it’s time to visit the milletsports website asap!