How To Choose The Right Suitcase For Your Trip

Before any of us head off on a trip, there’s one thing we always have to do – pack. If you’re a seasoned pro at traveling and can live out of a small bag, you’ll be able to pretty much do this with your eyes closed. For the majority, including myself, it’s important to have a think about the type of suitcase to use. I’m lucky enough to have a few choices of Samsonite luggage at home, but I still need to choose the right one. Here are some tips to make your choice easier next time round.

The Options

The way you pack will be very dependant on where you’re going to and also your budget. If you’re jetting off on a plane and don’t want to be charged for checked bags then you’ll need to have a carry-on bag plus a small bag (purse or wallet).

Checked Bags

The big thing here is to make sure that you find out the weight limit for checked bags. I have found that all airlines have different limits and they will all charge a fee if you’re over that limit – it’s usually around 20kg or 30kg on international flights. If you like the idea of using a lock on your luggage then you have to check that it’s approved by the TSA and can be opened using a universal key.

Carry On Bags

There are also limitations on the type of carry on baggage you can use, again these can vary with different airlines. At the check in they will have a little contraption for you to slide your bag in to – this is to check that it will fit inside the overhead compartment on board. That’s not really going to help when your at home packing, so give them a call to ask about measurements and weight. I would always use the rule of 22x14x9 inches as a good size for cabin baggage, make sure you don’t go over that. Nearly every good luggage store will be able to guide you on the best baggage to buy for cabin use.

Making sure that you’re fully prepared and ready a few days before your travel will avoid so many headaches. A ten minute phone call to your airline to make sure your luggage matches their regulations will save you a lot of hassle at check in – so be prepared guys.