Experience the Chinese New Year celebrations for yourself


Around the world millions of Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year each year and is a great reason to go on a guided tour of China and experience it for yourself. Usually they will celebrate the festival with their family because it is usually the one time that a family gather during the year. The family will come together for the whole festival and will spend around a week together, together they will enjoy fabulous food, street parades and mind blowing fireworks shows. As Chinese people have migrated throughout the world more people have been able to experience the festivities, now you don’t just need to be Chinese to enjoy the event. All over the world there will be street parades and celebrations, wherever you are you will be able to find people celebrating. I urge you to join in the party! After watching it I am sure that you will be searching for where you can find the next Chinese New Year celebrations.

For Chinese people, wherever they are in the world, the festival is without question the most important and also the longest festival in the calendar. The festival lasts for a whopping 15 days, if you are lucky enough to be working China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia or Hong Kong, you will be getting some days of work because these countries all have public holidays during the festivals.

One fun thing about Chinese New Year is that each year is represented by one of twelve animals, this year was the monkey and next year it will be the year of the rooster, a great year to have a baby or to get married! If you would like to know which of the twelve animals represents the year that you were born then enter your date of birth below, you’ll find out the animal and also some other great information about yourself. The animal that represents you will have similar character traits to you, no, you don’t look like them but inside you may be similar. So what are you waiting for? Enter your date of birth below to be surprised.