Celebrate New Year’s Eve differently this year

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and the pressure is on to do something a little bit different this year. We’ve got two main ideas for you: the first for those who fancy getting away from home for a day or two, and the second for anyone who wants to celebrate at home without doing the same old thing.

Hire a holiday cottage

The first option is to hire a country cottage, which is a great way to get the family (or all your friends) together for a group celebration. Holiday cottages are available across the UK and you can find properties that sleep as many as 20 people, which means no one has to be left out!

Indeed, part of the beauty of hiring a holiday cottage is it gives you the chance to have far more space than you might have at home. Plus, if you’re planning for lots of people to come along you should find it’s an affordable option too, as you can divide the cost between you.

As well as having benefits in terms of space and money, holiday cottages give you a way to escape your usual life – however briefly – and enjoy a mini break with your friends and family. It’s also often a much less stressful way for everyone to get together; after all, because you’re all sharing the house, rather than staying at one family’s home, no one has to be the host and look after everybody else.

In terms of celebrating, the best thing to do is to pick up lots of indulgent food and drink on the way there, and then the night is yours to make your own. You could play party games or board games (it’s worth remembering that some holiday cottages come with games rooms too), have a dinner party, or simply watch the festive shows on TV.

Different ways to celebrate at home

If you’d rather stay at home, there are still plenty of ways to spend the evening a little differently from usual – especially if you take some inspiration from other countries. For instance, in Denmark it’s customary to climb on a chair at midnight and leap off again, which you can all do if you’re keen to jump into the new year with gusto and a sense of adventure.

Over in Vietnam, meanwhile, people sometimes mark the occasion by picking up lots of luggage and running across the street, which is meant to help bring a new year full of travel – perfect if you like the sound of doing a little exploring in 2014.

Alternatively, if you’re into crafts you could host a scrapbooking party, which is a really nice way for everyone to share their experiences over the past year and to record the best moments permanently. This option works particularly well for families, since children often love all the cutting, pasting and creativity of making a scrapbook.

Anyone feeling energetic or planning to take on a running-based challenged in 2014, meanwhile, might like to go for a run with their mates as the clock strikes midnight. After all, the old saying is to start as you mean to go on! Plus, once you get back you can indulge in some well-deserved festive treats to continue the celebrations.