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Unique Things To Do In London

When you head for a visit to London the usual things spring to mind; Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Big Ben and so on. I am here to tell you that there are so many other things that this great city has to offer, many of which you won’t hear about unless you hear it from the locals.

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Places That You Must Visit In Bangkok

Bangkok is a place filled with endless things to see and do, and I relish any opportunity to go back there and experience something new. I remember the first time I went, I had the most amazing time and saw the most some truly awesome things. Here are the places that you must visit in Bangkok. Enjoy read more

Exploring Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world to explore. It is a place that seems to show me something new and different every single time I head there. It has become quite a special place to me, and I wanted to write a little more about it and exploring. I hope you enjoy reading this post, and read more