Best Spots for Fly-Fishing in Canada

Fly-fishing is one of the most popular angling methods due to its versatility. Once an angler has claimed the skills, he or she can fly-fish in fresh or salt water and from a boat, the shore or the water itself. In addition, fly-fishing is suitable for a wide range of popular species, including bass, trout and salmon.
Fly-fishing is particularly popular in Canada because of the diversity of species and fishing holes. A fly-fisher in Canada has a practically endless array of options, which is why anglers come to experience it from all over the world. In the following list, we look at our five favorite spots for fly-fishing in Canada:

1. Northern British Columbia

Northern British Columbia
For our tastes, you simply can’t beat the inland fly-fishing that is so popular in this area. Targets include arctic grayling, Dolly Varden, lake trout, rainbow trout and walleye. The area is also very diverse. There are numerous fishing spots near urban locations, but there are also many remote and even fly-in destinations.

2. Albany and Ogoki River
Albany and Ogoki River

Ontario boasts some of Canada’s best fly-fishing period, but we particularly like the fly-in destinations that are available in this area. They even have guided adventures for fly-fishers who aren’t yet seasoned. There is also good target diversity, including fat walleyes, large brook trout and trophy pikes.

3. Bow River

Bow River canada

The Bow River in Alberta is widely recognized as the best urban fly-fishing in Canada, and it may just be the best in North America. The urban element makes this a particularly popular vacation destination, since the angler is able to fish during the day but experience city amenities at night.

4. Labrador

Labrador canada

Labrador, which is part of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province, is home to some of Canada’s finest fly-fishing. A great advantage of Labrador is its remoteness. The waters here are largely untouched by people, other than the anglers themselves. The three most popular fishing locations in this area are rivers: Beer River, Reads River and Sandyhill River.

5. Northern Saskatchewan

Northern Saskatchewan

Pike are challenging and arguably the most thrilling quarry for fly-fisherman due to the manner in which they attack the fly. The many lakes in Northern Saskatchewan are home to some of the best trophy-class northern pike on the continent. Saskatchewan does have a catch-and-release policy for pike, but that will not disrupt the fun and adventure for most anglers.

When visiting Canada, if you plan to use a motorized boat, be aware that all provinces require a boat license in order to operate one legally. Failure to comply can be met with stiff fines. Canada does accept equivalent boating licenses from other countries. Before visiting Canada, confirm by telephone or via the website that your current license is acceptable.