Best Places For an Indian Motorcycle Adventure

Motorcycle tours in India are really growing in popularity and giving tourists and exciting and altogether different way of exploring this magnificent country. India has so much to offer tourists from bustling and hectic cities, the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s Seven Wonders, vast and open expenses, deserts, coastal regions and culturally rich villages and towns to explore.

If you are interested in going to India, and exploring it in the best way possible, here are some of the very best routes which a motorcycle tour could take you on.

Delhi to Leh

By far and away the most popular route for a motorcycle tour in northern India is this exciting adventure which takes you from the chaotic city of Delhi, through the heart if the Indian countryside in Manali, passing through the city of Chandigarh before finishing up in the rugged and rocky landscapes of Leh. This is a challenging tour which will take around 2 weeks to complete.

Northeast India

The northeast of India features 7 states which are commonly referred to as the Seven Sisters and each of them offer something different from the last. In the main, a tour such as this will take you through some of the roughest and untouched terrain in India, meaning you need to have a high level of riding ability to take the tour on. Highlights of this tour include the valleys of the huge Brahmaputra river, as well as the stunning Meghalaya which sits high up in the clouds.

The Himalayas Experience

What better way to view the incredible Himalaya mountain range than to swoop through the foothills on top of a powerful and durable motorbike. Beginning in Leh, the tour takes riders on to Kargil passing through mountain ridges, rocky roads and the incredible Penzi Pass, sitting at a cool 4,400 meters above sea level. The views on this tour are absolutely spectacular and there are few better ways of seeing the Himalayas than this.

Spiti Valley, Highest Village in the World

The trip from Manali to Spiti takes around 10 days and culminates in the highest village in the world. This trip takes in natural hot springs, historical ruins and temples, bustling and colorful villages, as well as the Key Monastery in Spiti which is considered to be the largest of its kind in the world. At 4,850 meters above sea level, there is no village in the world higher than Spiti, a perfect way to end an exciting motorbike tour.

Spicy Tours In Kerala

This is a tour that is perfect for all levels of rider and offers a unique look into the traditions of this fantastic country. Kerala is a coastal region which features a vast array of stunning natural landscapes. The pace in Kerala moves much slower than its counterparts and this means a very enjoyable and relaxed break for anyone looking to indulge in a tour such as this. Most tours follow the spice route, visiting spice makers and following in the footsteps of the salesmen and women who traveled large distances to sell their spices. Kerala is a great place to visit and doing so by bike is without doubt the best way to experience it.