Best Places To Escape The Winter

As we reach towards the end of the harsh winter season in the northern hemisphere it can still be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is typically a good time to start thinking about a trip to a warmer climate where you can thaw out and refresh yourself from the long winter blues. It’s a healthy thing to do for those of us that are trapped in icy temperatures for six-plus months a year.

Some warm destinations are better than others. While it depends how you like to spend your time the thing in common on this list is they are all in warm locations and offer an entertaining and fun way to spend your time.

Las Vegas

This city offers more to do than most. While gambling has long been its backbone the city offers so much more. It’s now home to dozens of celebrity shows and performers, making it one of the best places on the planet to catch some live entertainment. The city is also a short drive to other major landmarks, such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam. If you’re a lover of golf then you won’t have to look very far in Vegas and Nevada to find an amazing place to play a round. Las Vegas has also recently obtained a National Hockey League team that is doing great this winter. Mean you can still catch one of your favourite winter past times in a warm location.


A popular place for old, young, families, and couples to escape to in during the snow season is the long-reigning champion of a hot spot, Cancun. The beach city is located on the clear water of the Gulf of Mexico and makes for the perfect place to lounge in the sun, play volleyball by the beach and party the night away. This is a great destination because of the often-discounted package holidays from the north of North America.


This exotic land is a little further away for most but it is well worth the journey. These volcanic islands are some of the most stunning in the world. If you enjoy the outdoors and being active this is your destinations. Surf some of the best waves, hike endless trails to waterfalls and stumble onto some amazing beaches. One of the best things about this paradise is the hospitality of the locals. When you’re in Hawaii you have no choice but to slow down and enjoy the island pace of life.