Best City Breaks in Europe

Need to jet off on a weekend away? Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of life, that you forget to take time out for yourself and take a holiday! Well, when a full vacation isn’t possible, you can always go on a city break around Europe to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Whether you visit a brand new destination or revisit a favorite spot, some time away is often all you need to feel completely energized again! So book a flight, take off from your normal life and visit one of these great destinations for a weekend away:



You might only have a few days to take a city break, but Paris is a great place to take them. In fact, it’s one of the best spots in the world to get away from it all! Here, you can spend a weekend enjoying the luscious Parisian food, strolling along the River Seine with a fresh baguette and rich cheese, browsing bookshops and of course ascending the world famous Eiffel Tower. There are enough museums in Paris to keep you busy for days on end, and enough bakeries to satisfy even the strongest macaroon cravings!


What makes Amsterdam such a great destination for a short getaway? It’s easy to navigate, English is widely spoken and the city itself is beautiful and relaxing. Here you can walk anywhere you want to go and enjoy the clean, fresh vibe of Amsterdam. Don’t forget to rent a bike and travel around like a local, or join a bike tour to learn about the sights.


Berlin is the kind of city that offers something for every kind of traveler. If you’re looking for cultural excursions, historical immersion or exciting nightlife, you can find it all here. And with cheaper accommodation than many other European capitals, it’s a weekend getaway that won’t hurt your pocketbook. There is plenty of delicious international food here as well.


Why not spend a weekend away in a city that looks just like a storybook fairy tale? Prague is filled with rich and fascinating history, gorgeous castles and never-ending cobbled streets to explore. Watch the hour change at the famous Clock Tower and stroll along Charles Bridge, stopping by to see the unique art pieces sold here and to take a photo in front of Prague Castle. It’s a great city to meet other travelers over a beer at a local Czech pub.


If you love the good life, you’ll be obsessed with a city break in Rome. Italy is quite simply known as a country filled with passion, and here in the capital is no exception. Spend your weekend away immersing in the Italian lifestyle, enjoying an espresso and brioche for breakfast with the newspaper, a delectable pizza for lunch and some handmade pasta for dinner. Your days will be filled with sightseeing and learning some words of the beautiful Italian language, and your nights will include vino, walks under the stars and soaking in the beautiful Italian culture.