A beginner’s guide to cruise holidays

Think cruise holidays are just for people of a certain age? Well, you’re not alone, but this article aims to show you that there’s much more to a cruise holiday than you may think. Not only can they cater to all ages, they can be non-stop entertainment or the most relaxing time you can imagine – depending on what you want. So read on to find out more about cruise holidays, and why you might want to give them some thought next time the travel bug takes hold. Keep your eyes peeled because these days there’s a high chance that you will find yourself a last minute deal, there are plenty out there.

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Whatever your age, cruise

While cruise holidays do attract plenty of older people, they are also a great way for families, couples, and anyone of any age to see the world safe in the knowledge that your meals and accommodation are not only catered for, but will be to a consistently high standard throughout your holiday. Many cruise ships have great facilities for kids, so you could check yours as a kids’ club onboard.

It’s not all about organised fun

As Frank Barrett, travel editor for the Mail on Sunday, put it here: “A cruise isn’t a Fifties Hi-de-Hi holiday camp where you’re forced to take part in knobbly-knees contests. You are free to do what you like”.  Some companies give you a lot of freedom when you book, you can opt for an all-inclusive drinks deal so you can drink when you want, and, thanks to the on-board spa, beauty and massage services you’ll find on board ships like this, you can take some time out whenever you like, too.

…But the fun’s there if you want it

Many cruise ships come fully equipped with gyms, spas, shops, libraries, live stage shows, film showings and golf simulators, along with much more. If you want your holiday to improve you as a person, some cruises even offer lessons in subjects like photography and IT.

Quick tips to save on a cruise holiday

  • As Cruise Holidays Guide advises, if you’ve got the choice, set off on your cruise from the port closest to your home. This will save you time and money as you won’t have to fly to get on the ship.
  • If you’ve been on a cruise in the past, consider booking on to the same cruise line as you may get a returning customer’s discount.
  • Look out for ‘kids go free’ deals or packages where you get an upgrade – for example to an all-inclusive drinks package – for free.