Be enchanted by Hawaii’s Islands

Hawaii has long been a traveler’s paradise and is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. With clear turquoise waters, pristine sandy beaches, lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery, it’s easy to see why. Thousands of tourists, from honeymooners to nature enthusiasts, descend on this location annually and what better way to enjoy Hawaii’s Islands than by going on a cruise vacation?

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A Hawaii cruise is one of the best ways to take in all that this amazing destination has to offer. Moreover, travelers also get to reap the additional benefits of going on a cruise, including:


  • Visiting several destinations. Most cruises stop at several ports of call giving vacationers the chance to travel to multiple destinations during a single trip.


  • Value for money.  Depending on the cruise company, travelers can enjoy both onboard entertainment and offshore excursions. Luxury cruise liners such as Royal Caribbean Cruises offer exclusive packages and itineraries suitable for families, groups and couples.


  • Traveling convenience. All expenses are dealt with prior to the cruise and vacationers only unpack once, giving them ample time to relax and enjoy their vacation.


  • Traveling in luxurious comfort. Cruise liners have aptly been described as traveling hotels since they offer all amenities and entertainment facilities available in a normal hotel.


The best time to cruise round Hawaii

 The choice of when to go on a Hawaii cruise largely rests with the tourists. Hawaii is blessed with a pleasant warm climate all year round. The peak tourist season lasts from December to March with the two weeks around Christmas being the busiest. There are numerous cruises during this time and vacationers can easily find one that suits their needs.

The off-season for Hawaiian cruises takes place between September and mid-December and from April to mid-June. Cruises are fewer during this time and the tickets are also cheaper.


Hawaii’s Islands and main attractions

The Hawaiian Islands that feature most in the tourist circuit are Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai; however, each of the eight islands has something unique to offer.

1. Hawaii – also known as The Big Island, this is the most famous among the eight. Top tourist attractions here include the Kilauea Volcano, the black beaches and the beautiful Liliuokalani Gardens.

2. Maui – history and culture buffs will delight in visiting Baldwin House, Pioneer Inn and the historic fort at Old Lahaina.

3. Oahu – home to the famous Pearl Harbor, this Island also boasts several WWII memorials and museums.

4. Kauai – visitors to this Island have to spend a day shopping for souvenirs and gifts at Whaler’s Cove, one of the largest shopping centers in Hawaii.

5. Molokai – this Island is the ideal destination for practicing Catholics thanks to its rich Roman Catholic heritage and history.

6. Lanai – golfing enthusiasts will appreciate the two golf courses, named The Challenge and The Experience, situated on this small Island.

7. Niihau – hunting safaris are offered here. The game includes oryx, aoudad and eland.

8. Kahoolawe- this is the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands. Although it is off the tourist track, it has an interesting Archaeological District with several historic sites.