Awesome Places to Visit in Cornwall 

Taking camping holidays in Cornwall is something which my family and I have loved doing for many years and we generally try to go every year after the kids break up from school. During those years we have ticked just about every Cornish experience off our list and I wanted to share with you today some of the our favorite things to do in this wonderful county. Cornwall is not spoken about enough in my view and far too many people here in the UK fail to realize just how beautiful Cornwall really is. If you manage to get some time to spend in the southwest then here are some of the awesome places to visit. 

Minack Theater 

The Minack theater is a real spectacle to behold and it is without question one of the most amazing theaters which I have ever visited. This Greek-Style amphitheater is built on the cliff edge and is an open-air theater with one of the most spectacular views which you will see. Usually you will find music shows and theater events such as Shakespearean dramatic companies putting on shows here and you can take your own food and drinks along with you. 


Across the Cornish coast you’ll find loads of small towns and villages which make for the perfect place to spend a day, the best of the lot is Padstow, a harbor town where you will find some of the finest fresh fish in the county. Padstow offers some of Cornwall’s best restaurants and each morning the trawlers come back from sea to deliver fresh fish and seafood to the mainland. Padstow is packed with independent stores, high quality restaurants and lots of beautiful little cafes. 


Surfing isn’t something which most people think of when considering a British holiday but here in Cornwall that is exactly what you will find. Newquay in fact is not just somewhere that offers surfing, it is widely considered as one of Europe’s hottest surf spots. There are many schools here for beginners and if you already know your way around a surf board then you can find many places to rent one and then head out to hit the waves. Newquay is a really cool place which has that surfer culture to it, you can both surf and enjoy a day out here in Newquay. 

Lost Gardens 

The Lost Gardens of Heligan make for a great day out where you can discover the secret garden of this British county. This place is like a jungle and it is packed with all manner of bright flowers, crazy plants and lots of hidden treasures along the way. Expect to spend around 4 hours in this vast secret garden which can be found just outside the city of St. Austell. 

These are just some of the amazing things which you can do in Cornwall and I can assure you that if you take a trip here, you really won’t be disappointed.