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Myanmar – Asia’s Hidden Gem

Myanmar is a country that has gone through a lot over it’s history. Thankfully it looks like slowly the country is changing and opening up to the world – obviously it’s not perfect right now but things take time to change completely.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Myanmar more read more

The Best Things To Do In Chester

If you look at the map of the UK, you will find Chester sitting on the border between England and Wales. It is a city steeped in History and dates back as far as AD 70 when the Romans were in town.

I absolutely love the place because there’s so much to see and do. You read more

Unique Things To Do In London

When you head for a visit to London the usual things spring to mind; Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Big Ben and so on. I am here to tell you that there are so many other things that this great city has to offer, many of which you won’t hear about unless you hear it from the locals.

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