Australia’s Best Wine Regions

Australian wine is known as some of the very best wine, and for good reason.

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The wine industry is very important to Australia, via production, employment, tourism and export. In fact, Australia is the 4th biggest exporter of wine globally, with more than 750 million liters leaving the country each year.

There are several wine regions in each of Australia’s States & Territories . Some of these are instantly recognisable, such as the Orange region in New South Wales, the Heathcote wine region in Victoria, or Clare Valley in the South Australia region.

So, what are the best wine regions? Well, that depends on your tastes and wine preferences really. Most people have a specific preference to a particular type of wine, be it Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling , or some of the other variations – all of which are generally named after the grape that produces the wine. You will likely end up choosing the region that produces your favourite wine variety, based on some prior research.

It is worth doing a bit of research online, if it is a thing you plan on making a journey to one of these wine regions. A good place to begin this research is with Taylors estate.

While researching online, you will find that wine regions generally have accommodation on site, either hotels or B&Bs, so you can really relax, and not have to worry about a large commute to and from the vineyards. There may also be other amenities to hand, such as stores, pubs & restaurants. There may also be guided tours around the area, which are very informative, giving insight into the history of the region and other interesting facts.

Another thing that is sure to delight is the local markets that are available on site in a lot of the wine regions. Here, you can pick up many different products, from souvenirs, to fresh produce to trinkets. There will be many things that will catch your eye, and persuade you to part with a few dollars!

Of course, the main reason you are likely looking to travel to a wine region, is to sample some of the wine made in that region. There can possibly be no better way of enjoying a glass or two of your favourite variety, than while soaking in the amazing countryside, beautiful vistas, and feeling that warm sun on your face. You may even discover your new favourite variety of wine along the way!