Australia self-drive tours

There’s nothing like the open road, and what better way to see the never-ending expanse of Australia’s outback than to take to the wheel yourself.  Forget the hum-drum of being carted around as just another passenger on a tour bus, whilst paying through the nose. Take your holiday into your own hands! With so many ways to have all the nitty-gritty details arranged for you, there are few better ways to take in the open air of Australia and feel free as a bird.


The benefits:


  • You set the pace – it’s your holiday after all!
  • You can follow or stray from the path most travelled at will, and see things no one could ever have planned for you
  • Privacy is the key – you’re away from the hustle and bustle, make the most of it.
  • It’s unbelievably easy, with Australia self drive holidays ready for you to take across the country!


First you need to pick your region – it’s hard to cover the whole country on one trip, so most people plan out an itinerary in a specific area. The south is the most popular, covering the cosmopolitan centres of Adelaide and Melbourne, for cafes, culture and entertainment as well as the all-famous Great Ocean Road, taking you to small spots like Port Fairy and Apollo Bay, as well as to the regions revered national parks such as Flinders Ranges or Grampians.


For a bit more adventure, little can rival the Northwest. Starting in Darwin you can explore the ecological diversity the ‘Top-End”, and the overwhelmingly beautiful waterfalls of Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Litchfield National Parks. Katerine Gorge, and the Yellow Waters Wetlands, are just to of this regions most cherished natural heritage sites.


There are just two of the regions worth seeing via the open road. Trips can be built around any of the countries great sites, such as Ayers Rock, the Sydney skyline and beaches, the Great Barrier Reef or the lesser know wildlands of Kimberley.


A few crucial things to remember:


  • Do not speed under any circumstances – that is the best way to ruin your whole getaway and it’. Taking it slow is also the best way to really soak up the journey. It’s not just the destinations, the getting there is half the fun.
  • Set out early each morning, soak up the early bird sunshine and get ahead of the game
  • Get a good guide book for all the places on your tour
  • Plan ahead but leave space for tangents and changes to the itinerary.