Alternative Holidays to Try in 2017  


Tired of the usual beach escape or shopping holidays? If you are, keep on reading and learn from the ideas that we will be sharing below. Going on an alternative holiday is an excellent way to push yourself from your comfort zone, and in the end, you will be rewarded with a memorable and potentially life-changing experience.

Cycling in Cappadocia

The rugged beauty of Cappadocia makes it one of the best places to visit not only in Turkey, but in the world. It is popularly pictured with hot air balloons in the background. While riding a hot air balloon seems like a good idea, it is expensive. To explore its beauty, it would be better if you cycle around and go at your own pace. There are guided routes, making it easy for you to go around. Make sure to rent a high-quality mountain bike as the terrains can be rough. The last thing that you would want would be to have a broken bike while you are in the middle of nowhere.

Walking in the Atlas Mountains

If you do not mind being physically active during your vacation, this is one activity that you should try. Known as the homeland of the ancient Berbers, exploring the mountains of Morocco is one of the most popular activities for people who are visiting the area. While you have the option to take a 4-wheel drive or ride a horse, it is better if you go walking. You will surely be rewarded once the wonderful view unfolds right in front of you. You can choose an itinerary based on the region that is preferred, or better yet, based on the duration that you are most comfortable with. Here are some other activities to try out while you’re in Morocco.

Scuba Diving in Borneo

If you want to venture into an exploration of underwater allure, you should head to Borneo and go scuba diving. While many people who go here are already certified divers, there are also many schools that are certified to train newbies. In Borneo, you will have several choices for destinations depending on your skills and budget. Sipadan is one of the best places that you should check out if you want to go for a dive. For accommodations, you will have plenty of choices at Mabul and Kapalai. There are also other activities that are equally fun, such as visiting the Sepilok Orangutan safari. Some might be worried about their security, but in recent years, the government has stepped up to exert more efforts to prioritise the safety of tourists.

Cruise in Alaska

While there are many cruise destinations, one of the most exotic is Alaska. The chilly weather is more than enough to be excited about this cruise. It is the perfect opportunity to spot winter wildlife. You can spot humpback whales and grizzly bears. The cruise will be more beautiful when you are surrounded with snow-capped mountains. From the sea, you will be stunned with the beauty of Alaska, specifically Glacier Bay, Sawyer Glacier, and Hubbard Glacier. One good thing about an Alaskan cruise is that they can be cheap, especially if you take the Inside Passage in the shoulder season.