Airport Parking – It Needn’t Be a Worry

A lot of people out there are very wary of using airport car parks when they are heading off on their flight. Maybe it is safety concerns, or pricing worries. However, airport car parks are safer, and cheaper, than you may think.

airport 3

Take Bristol airport parking for example. Bristol has some fantastic prices for parking, whether your stay is short term, or for a longer period of time. There are bargain parking deals available also. The airport is very well monitored so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe at all times. Even if you only need to “Set down” you car for a short period, maybe picking up relatives from the airport, you will be well catered to.

Birmingham airport parking is also a great place to leave your car, short, medium or even long term, and at very affordable prices. Of course, the car park is very well looked after, and Birmingham airport guarantees you a secure car parking space, when booking in advance. There are 4 different car parks to choose from in Birmingham airport, so there should be at least one close to your terminal. Birmingham also offers an On Airport parking option, which save you time. Also, this airport has won awards for its safe parking (Park Mark awards)

Another airport worthy of mention is Luton. Luton airport parking is another of the best airports in the UK in which to park your vehicle. What is good about this airport is, if you book your car parking space in advance, you can actually save some money, as opposed to booking on the day. However, there is a price that will suit any budget, regardless of length of stay. Security is of paramount importance at Luton airport, with perimeter fencing and 24 hour CCTV in operation. Luton has also won a Park Mark award (awarded by the Association of Chief Police Officers), for its safety efforts.

This 3 examples show how airport parking is a great option for you when travelling, or even just picking up a passenger off a flight coming in. These car parks are affordable, secure, well maintained, and convenient. You will only need to use one of these airport car parks once, to totally change your perception of them. You will not hesitate to book your place again for future holidays, set downs and pick ups!