Adventure in the Winter

If you are the outdoorsy type who enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, swimming and other active sports, the onset of winter may slow down your activity plans. But although the spring, summer and fall are some of the best seasons for outdoor activity, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of the winter months. Don’t let freezing temperatures and snow keep you inside. Here is a list of popular winter activities that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

off roading in the snow

1. Skiing and Snowboarding. Hit the slopes and stay active this winter season. Perfect for singles, couples and families, skiing and snowboarding is the perfect way to experience amazing mountaintop views, plus get in a little exercise. Many ski resorts open around late fall after the first snow, and depending on weather conditions, you can ski up into the beginning of spring.

Skiing and snowboarding requires at least 30 centimeters of snowfall, with higher elevations requiring additional snow. Engaging in these activities when snow is powdery or fresh contributes to greater control. And since freshly fallen snow is softer, there’s less pain if you fall down.

2. Rock climbing. Some people wouldn’t dream of rock climbing in the winter. However, winter rock climbing is a popular and safe activity, as long as you’re prepared. Given the fact that rock climbing is physically exhausting when temperatures are mild, extra care is needed during the winter. Outdoor temperatures plummet in higher elevations.

With this said, dress in windproof pants, insulated clothes and warm gear (winter climbing gloves, hooded jacket, goggles and warm socks). While weather conditions don’t have to be perfect, you shouldn’t climb in inclement weather (a rain storm or high winds) or at night.  For supplies and equipment to get the most out of your adventure, contact your local Rugged Ridge dealer.

3. Off-roading in the snow. Take adventure to a new level and drive your 4 x 4 on snowy paths through the mountains or woods. Driving on unpaved roads and natural terrain is one way to explore infrequently traveled areas. To get the most out of this experience, check weather conditions before hitting the road. Choose areas with wet, heavy snow since it’s easier to drive on these surfaces. Lower the air pressure on your tires before heading out, and travel light to stop your car from sinking into the snow.

4. Ice skating. Plenty of facilities offer indoor ice-skating during the winter months. But to gain a true winter experience, look for outdoor ice skating. Some cities set up public outdoor rinks or allow skating on local ponds. For a pond to be safe for ice skating, the ice needs to be at least 6 inches thick across the entire surface.

With so many options during the winter months, there’s no reason to stay indoors. Life is too short to be lived inside four walls.