A Romantic Surprise

My newly-wed friend recently told me about a surprise her new husband sprung on her, the day before she was due to go away on her honeymoon. Thankfully, my friend is a very organised woman, so the surprise wasn’t too much of a panic, but after she’d been asked to make sure her case was packed early for the honeymoon, she was whisked off to London and surprised with a stay in a luxurious hotel, just minutes from the airport.


It occurred to me that this a fantastic idea for a romantic surprise, and great for a pre-honeymoon  night of rest and relaxation, at an unbeatable price too.

My friend stayed at one of the Stansed Airport hotels and whilst she knew nothing about it prior to going, she’s now hooked on the idea of starting her holidays early – and who can blame her?

A special holiday for just the two of you, really should start in a chilled-out way, otherwise arguments and catty remarks make their way into proceedings, due to that old devil called tiredness. Nobody wants their honeymoon or romantic break ruined by arguments before they’ve even taken off, so it occurred to me that the airport hotel is the perfect antidote to potential rows!

Picture the scene – a romantic meal for two, a few drinks, before retiring upstairs for a relaxing night watching a film, cuddling up, and talking about the fantastic holiday to come. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Airporthotels.com have a wide range of hotels available at most UK airports, all with facilities to suit a romantic break, and many with wonderful extras available for honeymooners – so be sure to mention it’s your honeymoon, you never know what surprises you might get! Always worth a try, I find.

My friend raves about her airport hotel, so if your arrangements are the same as hers, and you’re flying from Stansted, search hotels Stansted Airport, and you’ll no doubt be as happy with your choice as she was.

If you fancy turning the tables and surprising your loved one, go ahead! What a great surprise, provided you’ve given them enough time to pack, as packing is stressful enough, without a time constraint! Like before, you’ll find something no matter where you’re flying from and if you’re going regional, you won’t miss out, such as this fantastic range of hotels at Luton from Airporthotels.com– so get planning and get surprising!

Wherever you’re planning to go for your romantic break for two, whether its Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Mauritius or even Morocco, your holiday deserves a start to befit the end, so amp up the romance, and surprise your beau with a night’s rest and relaxation prior to jumping on that plane.