8 Things to Bring on a Safari Trip

 A safari is a life-changing experience, but it’s not the kind of adventure that you can enter underprepared. Bring these eight essentials on your flight over, and you’ll be guaranteed a wonderful time on the African plains:

safari photographer

 1.     A High Quality Digital Camera or Video Camera

You’re going to see some extraordinary sights on your safari trip and you’ll want to document every minute. It’s recommended that you take two SD cards with you: one for pictures, and another for back-up. You won’t have to worry about running out of storage space and if one breaks, you have a spare.

2.     A Diary

If you haven’t started a diary, now is a good time to begin. It’s amazing what fantastic memories you forget, all because you don’t jot them down. A few years after your safari experience, you’ll only remember the main incidents, but little else. It only takes a few minutes before bed to jot down some choice moments, so do it!

3.     An Animal Spotting Guide

You’ll see all sorts of weird and wonderful animals on your safari and part of the fun is figuring out just what kind of creature you’re looking at. If you don’t want to be flicking through that book in the middle of the wild, take snaps of the animals in question and then identify them from your luxury safari hotel.

4.     Appropriate Clothing

Did you know that it snows in Africa? It’s not all sunny plains and sweltering temperatures. Even if you’re in a warm area, it usually gets very chilly at night. Research the climate of where you’re going before you book the tickets and always take a fleece, just in case.

If you can find clothing with double-zipped pockets, go for them – they’re largely pickpocket proof. It’s best to keep your money and passport on you at all times, so make sure they’re secure.

5.     Medication 

Always see your doctor before you go on safari. You’re going to need a few injections and some anti-malaria medication. Traveller’s sites usually give good advice on what kind of over-the-counter medication you should also take. Better to be safe than sorry!

6.     Snacks and Water

Sometimes you’ll be out all day, with no prior notice. Stock your backpack full of snacks and water for the surprise treks. Prepare thoroughly on scheduled trips, but keep your bag well-supplied for those unexpected adventures. This isn’t an experience to see safari park animals – you could spend your entire day trekking over dusty plains, and an army marches on its stomach.

 7.     Someone To Share The Experience With

Although going solo is better than not going at all, it’s best to take someone to share this magical adventure with. It’ll forge permanent bonds with important people in your life. And if you can’t take someone special, take your favourite paperback author instead for company.

8.   A Sense Of Adventure

Unlike a tame zoo, a safari is the real thing. The animals aren’t easily accessible; you have to go to them. That may mean days without a single sight, but it also means you have the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with some truly wild creatures. And nothing can top that. You must be patient and just enjoy being in Africa.