Deciding on which travel blog to follow is not just something that you pick out of the blues, as usual blogs will vary depending on the information and the importance .When it comes to travel blogs there are thousands of them all over the internet as practically anybody can start blogging but what people need is informative blogs with the right presentation of the content .A research into travel blogs has depicted the below as the 5 travel blogs that you should follow if you are to keep yourself entertained and still get useful content.


Want to know where your favorite celebrity is travelling to or you just want to travel to place that famous people have been to? This is the blog for you. It is like the internet version of ok magazine. Here you will find first hand experiences from the likes of Paris Hilton partying in Hawaii, to midnight rendezvous of Brad Pitt in Japan. You will find posts, photographs and even videos of travelers detailing their experiences. From hotels and lodgings around the world to deals and reviews, the blog is dedicated to covering everything. Be assured of only the freshest information here because the blog is updated multiple times a day.


This is among the most informative and entertaining blog on travel for any reader. It has all the information one might need for travel i.e. suggesting best places and countries to visit, best modes of transportation etc you also get tips on how to keep your travel costs low and where to visit and at what time to do so. The blog is targeted at young people who have the desire to visit places but lack new ideas it gives you the will to make that one step forward into new travelling adventures. The blog is especially entertaining making it fun to read as you get real time information from it. This is a must check out blog.


If you need practical advice, this is the blog for you. This blog that was started by Darren cronian from Leeds, because he needed somewhere to vent. This was after an apparent run in with a travel agency. This blog is his channel to expose not only, dirty secrets in the travel industry but also good humored tricks. You will find advice on everything here from what to do if you are arrested in a foreign country to discounts abroad.

Intelligent travel

Owned by the national geographic it is without doubt one of the best travel blogs one can find on the web. It has an excellent mix of contributions from all over the world and other interesting bits that other blogs have not picked on. Apart from consumer advice it also gives guidance on travel writing that is great.

Gran tourismo

If you are looking to fit in with locals this is your kind of blog. It is a magazine –like blog that was started by Lara Dunston and Terence carter. They have travelled all over the world not only spending time at their chosen spots but all trying as much as possible to live like the locals. In the blog you will find interviews with prominent locals who have special to share about their city and country. You will not miss the shopping price reviews and comparisons and also suggested walking tours.

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