5 Tips for Hong Kong Tutors

Whether you are just starting out as a tutor in Hong Kong or you have been teaching for years, it is wise to periodically look at your work habits and see if there is a way to streamline your activities. Software can assist with lesson planning and keeping a schedule of your daily activities is important to see where time saving measures can be employed.

Have a Backup Plan

It’s vital to stay up-to-date with any lesson changes to avoid missing appointments, but sometimes last minute changes on the student’s account cannot be avoided. Use this time to prepare for future lessons or catch up on other work. Eliminate ‘dead time’ and you will find that when you look over your schedule, you may have time to take on one or two more sessions than you were able to previously.


Sync Record Keeping Devices

Lesson records for every student are vital as it permits you to quickly begin each session where you left off. Notes concerning info and student weaknesses will assist you focus your attention on the areas that may facilitate the student to improve the most. Keeping these records on your computer will enable you to check them during a private lesson.

Use online cloud services such a Google Docs to keep student records accessible at all times. Being able to go back and double check information and answer any questions your student may have about sessions, payments, etc. This will make you seem more effective as a tutor.

Schedule back-to-back Lessons

This time-saving technique isn’t always do-able; however it’s ideal if you can set it up. By scheduling students one after another in one location, you’ll eliminate time spent traveling around to lessons. If possible, meet in a public place such as a library or your own home, when the students come to you it saves you any travel time or expense.

Group Administrative Activities

A good example of grouping activities is setting aside a block of time to complete all lesson notes from the day. The time you spend transitioning between activities adds up, often without realizing it you can waste up to 1-2 hours per day.


Teaching Small Groups

By teaching in groups rather than a single student, you’ll increase your income per hour. This is the method adopted by some Hong Kong tutors, but depends on the needs of the students. You cannot quite double your hourly rate with this method; however you’ll in all probability increase it by 50-70%.

If you are able to implement any of these tips into your current or blossoming Hong Kong tutoring business you can increase your income rapidly.