Must see places in Paris, the city of love


The capital of France, Paris is known throughout the world for its culture architecture and gastronomy. If you’re thinking of heading to that particular part of Europe the here are five things you might consider wanting to visit, with one in particular that maybe not on your list of things to see and do.

Number one on the list of course is the iconic Eiffel Tower. Built for the Paris Exposition in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel (who incidentally also designed New Yorks Statue of Liberty), it is almost impossible not to see this towering structure from anywhere in Paris and from the top offers beautiful panoramic views of the whole city.

Number two has to be the biggest museum in the world, The Louvre. Housing a vast array of some of the worlds most distinguished art work and sculpture, including Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Alexandros of Antiochs Venus de Milo. A few things that you might not know about the Louvre is that it used to be a fortress and Napoleon temporarily named it after himself.

For some evening entertainment, go and watch a show at the windmill fronted Moulin Rouge. Visited annually by an impressive 600,000 people, it is situated on the Boulevard de Clichy in Paris’ 18th district. The original building actually burned down in 1915 and the show did not return until six years later as the building was being rebuilt. Famed for the famous French Cancan dancers, did you know that they are Guinness record holders, raising their legs an amazing twenty nine times in thirty seconds!

If you are feeling a little bit cultured out then number four on the list is a leisurely boat trip down the river of Paris, the Seine. Cruising down the river in a glass covered boat you are able to take in some of France’s most famous land marks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Grand Palais, Musee de’Orsay and the famous Pont Neuf bridge.

Now for the one you may not necessarily think about including in your Paris excursion. If it’s fun for all the family you want then head to Disneyland Paris. The park is situated about 32 km East of the city and has a large range of attractions including rollercoasters, themed rides, and fairground carousels. It also offers onsite hotel accommodation and even a Golf course.

So if Paris is on your list, don’t forget to check out these places that everyone will enjoy.