5 Italian Towns You Must Visit

Naples Italy

Italy is the home of the pizza, the Colosseum, the friend of the friends and some truly beautiful towns. From Naples in the south to Milan in the north, these are 5 Italian towns you must visit.

Naples Italy

Would visitors flock to Pisa if it weren’t for the famous Leaning Tower? Yes, but not in the huge numbers which flock there presently. While the builder may have been ashamed of his creation, the lean in the Leaning Tower is what puts Pisa on the map. However the tower was starting to lean a little bit too much, so restoration work commenced to stabilise it.

Palermo is the cultural, artistic and economic capital of Sicily. And it’s no surprise it is also the most visited city on the island, when you go on a holiday to Sicily, Palermo is a must see. The city’s rich history and thriving art scene attracts numerous tourists. The fine Mediterranean weather combined with gastronomy and restaurants, along with Palermo’s Roman, gothic and Baraoque churches and palaces are all attractions for visitors. Walking Palermo’s city walls are an excellent way to explore this fascinating and vibrant Mediterranean city.

Naples has a bad rep, the friend of the friends aka the Mafia have the city in a vice like grip. Yet visitors to the southern city are highly unlikely to be bothered by them. Instead visitors will experience Italian culinary culture at its finest, for Naples is the self-proclaimed home of the pizza.

Naples may have its pizza but Milan has fashion. Milan is home to some of the most famous designers in the world. Yet there is more to Milan than fashion, unless you venture there during Milan’s famous Fashion Week, museums, churches and Leonardo’s canals all make Milan a must visit Italian town.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany and a beautiful city. Famous for its history, Florence was declared UNECSCO World Heritage Site in 1982. With Florence famed for its artistic and architectural heritage, it’s no surprise the Renaissance is a huge draw for visitors. The city contains many world-class museums and art galleries, such as the Pitti Palace and the Uffizi Gallery. Florence continues to influence in the world art and culture.