What most people don’t know is that the cheapest places to live in the world also turn out to be the most exotic and beautiful destinations. There are places in the world where you can live for way less and still have an enjoyable trip. When searching for a low cost destination, note that places that are cheap to travel to are most likely to be the cheaper ones to live in. Cheap is a relative term but if means spending only few dollars/ponds per day then these places are worth looking at;

Xian, china

It is not only one of the biggest cities in china but also the cheapest. The internet here is fast and reliable even but due to the great firewall of china, many sites have been blocked you can however easily get around via VPN. You will fork out about 3 dollars for a meal at a local restaurant downtown, while a little outside may cost half of that. For an apartment in middle downtown, you will part with about $300.have fun with mandarin classes and touring this old city.

Koh samui, Thailand


Known for its crazy life and beautiful beaches, koh samui is a small island off the Thailand coast. Though there are cheap places to stay all over Thailand, in koh samui you will easily access housing facilities, unique delicacies and a wild nightlife without going too far off the path. This has been made possible due to the country’s organized tourism.

Bucharest, Romania

It may not be dirt cheap but it’s among Europe’s cheapest cities. For a major city in Europe, the living costs are certainly low. A healthy and yet inexpensive meals will cost you about $6 while for housing, you will part with about $400 for a decent one bed roomed apartment in the city centre.

La paz, Bolivia

With the dollar exchange rate here and prices similar to those of Xian, china, one will have a life that is more than comfortable here. It is a beautiful sandwiched by mountains and has an amazing view both from the top and the bottom. With rice being the cheapest and can cost as low as a dollar, meals here can cost around $3.

Phnom penh, Cambodia

With $500 you can live comfortably in this city and you can even reduce your rent by sharing. The food prices are similar or even lower to that of its neighbor Thailand and it will cost you about $2 to eat in local restaurants and about $ 1 for a beer. If you are keener on the budget opt to get food from street stalls. It will be Cheaper and simply delicious. Travel using the tuk tuk to save even more money.

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