5 Adventure Holidays for Animal Lovers

If you love animals and want them to be a part of your travel adventures, there are so many amazing places to experience them in their natural surroundings! Whether on safari, trekking through the jungle or flying through the snow, animals can be a major part of your holiday. Here are 5 great holidays perfect for animal and adventure lovers:




Elephant Camps in Thailand

Any trip to Southeast Asia is highlighted by a visit to an elephant camp, where you can not only ride but learn about elephant training and handling (depending on which package you choose.) A great pick is the Lampang Thai Elephant Conservation Center, centered around the elephants’ well-being and recovery (it’s also an elephant hospital.)




Tiger Safari in India

If you’re in northern India, make a stop at Ranthambore National Park to take a wildlife safari in search of tigers in their natural habitat. Many tours include 2 days in the park, where you’ll take jeep rides to search for wildlife and enjoy the stunning scenery. This park is India’s most famous tiger reserve, where you’ll also spot plenty of other wildlife!




Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

Trekking through the jungle in search of mountain gorillas is bound to be the highlight of any trip to Rwanda. It’s a highly-controlled activity with a limited amount of trekking permits given out each day, so you’ll have to go with a reputable guide company. Bring along a good level of fitness and spirit of adventure!




Husky Sledding in Lapland

For an exciting winter adventure, consider dog sledding holidays in Lapland. Choose a multi-day trip for the chance to learn about handling the dogs, then the guides will show you how to drive the dog sled yourself. There’s no better way to take in the breathtaking snow-covered tundra’s of Lapland than by dogsled, and learning about these amazing and hard-working animals is such a special experience.




Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

These 13 enchanting islands are home to scores of plants and wildlife, some of which are found nowhere else on earth! You can snorkel among colorful tropical fish and sea turtles, relax on the beaches with sea lions and spot exotic birds like flamingos. Private motor yachts will take you around the islands for a close-up of this amazing wildlife ecosystem.