4 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Campervan

You might have heard the word on the street recently about the growing trend of campervans and there is a really good reason for this: it’s great fun! I have been doing a little bit of travelling in campervans recently and it got me thinking, why hadn’t I tried this sooner? 

The main problem seemed to be all the misconceptions and taboos about campervan hire. So I thought I would write about some of the reasons that you should try out this ultimate form of travel.


Designed to travel

Sure, hiring a car is a great idea if you want to get places, but they are far from ideal for sleeping in. Campervans are also much better for driving long distances and have been designed for long drives. The level of comfort is simply better than a regular car. 

Beds are also a given in a campervan and it is much better than sleeping on a camping mattress (trust me on that). 

Great for those on a budget

Campervans are first and foremost great value for money. Although the initial cost may seem like a lot in comparison to hiring a car, there are several other factors at play. Things like accommodation costs are pretty much non-existent with a campervan. Many vans also have a kitchen facility, so you can definitely save money there. Hotels and other forms of accommodation generally only have a place to make a cup of tea or coffee, meaning that you will have to buy your food.

Home luxuries

One great thing about traveling in campervans is that you can have them specced out however you like. There are options as simple as just a bed and then you have others that have kitchens, full-sized beds, showers, fridges and televisions. This is absolutely ideal for the people that don’t want to rough it, even better is that you have the final say how your campervan adventure goes. 


One of the greatest things about campervans is the flexibility they afford. They are a great option for those that want to go backpacking and explore different areas. At the end of the day you can come back to your campervan and just drive away, or even stay the night. Have you ever been on a really great hike and the day ended in you having to drive for several hours back home or to your accommodation? With a campervan you can park and sleep more or less anywhere.

The main thing is that you can be as free as you would like, there are truly no restrictions. Just remember that where there is a road, there is a way!