3 Things you should know before moving to Singapore

The majority of people relocate to Singapore because of work. Although people might be able to show you where Singapore is on the map they won’t however be able to give you a lot of detailed information about your new home country. Once you have finished packing up all your belongings and shipping them to Singapore the next thing you need to consider is what your new country will be like.

Often because the moving process is so time consuming and mentally demanding people push questions about their new location to the back of their mind. To make the moving process less stressful you should not be afraid to try and use a professional company, movehub.com for example can give you a comparison of the costs involved. We’ve compiled a list of info and tips to help you with your move.


Here are 3 things that you should know before you get on the plane:


1) Singapore is expensive

Singapore is an expensive place to live, unfortunately there’s no exacting that fact. Salaries do reflect the living costs so it is all relative. You are still able to ind good deals in Singapore, just like you can in other countries but in Singapore the prices seem to be much higher. Rent and car prices are extremely high, this is due to the number of people living in such a small area. Rent will be your biggest outgoing every month. Most people are always shocked about the alcohol prices in Singapore when they fist arrive – a pint at a bar will coast anything between $12 – $18.

Not everything is expensive, transept is extremely reasonable when compared to other living costs. The subway system is fantastic and very efficient, it means that you rarely have to use a taxi to get around the city. When compared to the US or UK the subway costs are extremely low.


2) The weather is very hot

The weather is extremely hot in Singapore and can sometimes be a shock to the system when you first arrive. You are living close to the equator so expect some very high temperatures! There is a rainy season in Singapore but that doesn’t mean the temperature will cool down too much. After a while people acclimatise, the one thing that really helps is that there is air conditioning absolutely everywhere. The air-con is always blasting away in offices, shops, trains and buses, which means that you are usually cold and not hot when in Singapore.


3) It is very clean and efficient

Most people find Singapore to be a fantastically well run and well organised city. People fee very comfortable walking around the city by themselves at any time of day or night, it is a very safe place indeed. Another surprising point to mention is that there are hardly any mosquitoes in Singapore, anyone who has ever been to Asia will tell you that this is very lucky! Due to the insect control from the government it means that mosquito bites are a rarity for Singapore residents. The streets are kept impeccably clean and none litters, even if you want to litter when no one is watching you probably worn’t – you feel so bad because the place is so clean that you will definitely hold on to you rubbish until you find a bin.