Whenever you ask a fellow traveler or friends and family when they plan to take their dream trip, the answer is usually something like “when I save enough”, ”when I get married” or next year. There are very many reasons you should not travel now like not enough time, not enough money but if you let them get into your head, then there will never be a right time to travel. Of course it is not possible to hop on a plane today to Asia and navigate the world but the sooner you finally realize that you don’t have all the time in the world, the better. Even if it means staying at a cheap hotel in Hong Kong for a week, you will be happy that you took a leap of faith and took time off from your crazy life. Here are a few things to motivate you to take that trip;

The world is big and life is short

There is an old cliché that says you could step out of your house and get hit by a truck. Now you wouldn’t want that day to come before you see the Eiffel tower or all the Seven Wonders of the World. Life is short and you can’t always plan for everything way ahead of time and again spontaneous travel always turns out to be the best.

You will never have enough money and the only time is now

Travelling is not about striking it rich but on the contrary just a little bit of rearranging your priorities on your budgeting. Travelling is not exactly a financial goal and thus the decision to travel should not be solely based on financials. Then again saying you will travel later only means you might not travel at all because later is not a definite date and you cannot work on a goal that is not defined.

The idea is fresh in your mind

Strike while the iron is still hot would be the most relevant saying to describe the situation. Embarking on a trip while the idea is still fresh on your mind not only makes it much more fun, it re-energizes you as you look forward to the trip.travel doest necessarily mean going out of the country or out of the city. Many people have not even had a chance to tour their own countries because of small flimsy excuses. The next time you think of going camping for the weekend in the nearby city, just pack and go. Chances are you won’t spend a fortune but you will have lots of fun and even come back with a additional skills like lighting a fire a and setting up a tent.

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