3 Great Reasons to Holiday in Gran Canaria

We all love heading away on holiday to a sun soaked destination and relaxing for a week or more. Given the current weather in the United Kingdom, I really don’t think there has been a better time for everyone to get away. Gran Canaria holidays offer the perfect escape from our normal lives. It’s one of favourite places to visit when I really nee to de-stress and forget all about the busy life back home, it’s also a great place for people to realise just how good the weather is outside of the UK. Life is better when the sun is shining isn’t it? I mean during the summer months in London people are just a lot happier with things, people are smiling and more friendly to one another. I don’t think there is a better city in the world than London when the sun is out, of course I am biased, but unfortunately that happens for a month or two each year. So when the sun isn’t shining I think Gran Canaria is the place where we should heading to!

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It doesn’t mater what type of holiday you enjoy; sun bathing, beaches, partying, activities or educational because it is all waiting for you in Gran Canaria. Here are 3 reasons why I think we should all visit this beautiful destination at least once.

The Food

This is one of the most important things for me when I go on holiday, I want to go to a place where the food is good and of a quality that can’t be replicated back home. No one wants to dread going out for lunch and dinner each day because they can’t stomach the local food. Well, that isn’t an issue here! The area is famous for it’s food. The seafood is second to none and then of course there is the Tapas, you haven’t tried Tapas until you hit Gran Canaria!

The Lakes

Gran Canaria has some mind blowing lakes. They are all absolutely huge, I enjoyed sitting by the side of the lakes reading a book and relaxing. The best thing to do is to pack yourself a picnic, ask the hotel for their advice about the best views over the lakes and then head out for the best picnic you are ver going to have. If you live in a city then this is a welcome break because the air is fresh and you won’t hear a car or truck for the whole day!

The People

You will find yourself visiting many small quaint towns during your time in Gran Canaria, the best thing about these small towns is that the people are unbelievably friendly! The locals that I met were so friendly and warm that I didn’t want to leave. Strolling through small streets with the sun out and smiling with the local people is just so refreshing if you’re coming from a major city.