There are dreams, goals and experiences you swear you have to achieve, fulfill and experience while you still can. Some of these events or activities are right at home while some you have you travel in order to experience your particular breath taking moments. While a lot of people take their standard 2 weeks on a beach, or go on a cruise first before they start to get more adventurous, perhaps now it’s time to rethink that theory! Your bucket list might still be short or you are still confused on what’s cool or not well, now that will be the least of your worries, the following are the 10 coolest things in the world to add to your bucket list:

Carnival Rio Brazil

This nothing but fun event happening in a period of six days is an event everyone should attend. Samba dancers parade the beautiful streets of Rio, gliding seductively to the music as onlookers party the tropical nights and days away. If you are a music and fun enthusiast, and would like to join the proceedings, bring with you your tiniest thong for best results.

The Olympic Games

Watching the world’s greatest athletes gathered at one place and competing against each other on your ultra slim and crystal clear clarity screen is not the same as actually being at such an event. The experience, the people from all walks of life and the different cultures is such an amazing feeling.

Scuba Diving

A larger percentage of the world is water so it is only fitting that you explore life under water and see what happens there. Rare creatures some even extinct are not seen everyday. So, get your gear and experience something extra ordinary.

Bull fight South of Spain

Also known as ‘running of the bulls’, this bull fight is like no other.Atracting spectators from around the world, the event will definitely give you an adrenaline rush even though you are only a spectator and not any of the matadors.

Safari Trip

Watch wild exotic animals in their natural habitat. The experience is totally different from your ordinary zoo visits. Beautiful as well as vicious animals, this is an experience only felt in few destinations around the world. Do not rub the fur or cuddle the animals no matter how tempted you get.

Ibiza, Spain

Everyone likes to party, but most of us are yet to experience the ultimate party life.Ibiza, a Mediterranean island is legendary for its non stop nightlife and electric music. With world renowned nightclubs, a night in this magnificent island will put your entire ‘cool’ party life to shame.

Obscure means of transport

All your life, you have used common and modern means of transport. To add a whole lot of adventure in your travel, it is best that you try any obscure means of transport found all over the world such as the ostrich ride in South Africa or an elephant back ride in South East Asia, trust me, an obscure means of transport will probably the best ride of your life.

Bungee jumping

Experience out of this world adrenaline rush when you bungee jump from some of the world’s highest bungee jumps such as the magnificent 630 feet high Europrabrucke bridge in Austria or the world’s highest single span arch Bloukrans bridge ,708 feet high in South Africa.

Music festival

Attend any world renowned music festival anywhere around the globe where people gather from all over the world to enjoy good music and fun. Music festivals such as the Midi Modern in Beijing China, Pepsi music festival Argentina or Coachella in Californian offer a splendid time.

A night in the desert under the stars

Experience total peace and serenity as you watch a beautiful sunset then afterwards a magnificent starlit sky. Sleeping under the moon and stars is totally an awesome experience with cool breezes that will make you experience nature in a different way.

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