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What to do for Adventure in Barbados

Barbados is a great island to escape to for relaxation and umbrella drinks on the beach. What many people do not realize though is that Barbados has much more to offer than just a beautiful beach and ocean. There are plenty of different ways to get your blood pumping and adrenaline running while in this gem of a location. And if you are looking for the perfect accommodation for your adventure to Barbados, search through Best At Travel’s all inclusive holidays in Barbados.


This is one of the best ways to experience a rush and make some unforgettable memories. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to take bus rides deep into the jungle in the Jack-in-the-Box Gully and zip around the treetops. It’s a unique experience to slide on a rope from one platform to the next while surrounded by wildlife. I think that this is what monkeys transferring trees or flying squirrels might feel like. Is that only me? Zip-lining also offers great photo ops that will make your friends jealous!

barbados zipline

Off Road Segway

Thats right, take a a segway off road. It sounds to good to be true, I know. But it is true. You can take souped up segways equipped with large tough terrain tires that will help you conquere all of the different obstacles that you come to. You will cover pastures, mud, rocks, and sand as you make your way down the coast. If you get tired there are different spots to stop and enjpy some shade and a drink while gazing out at the blue water and golden sand. Sounds like a plan to me!

Hike the Caves of the Island

There are two main areas that are good for this kind of adventure. You can hike the trails in Jack-in-the-Box Gully or the Harris Gully. The hanging vines, enormous trees, and rare floral life will give you the feel of being on a trek with Indiana Jones, thats always a good feeling. If that doesn’t give you the feel then the next part of the adventure sure will. You can take a tour of Coles Cave. The cave is filled with streams and waterfalls that feed into natural pools. Did I mention the only way into the caves is by descending down a rope? Thats right, channel your inner Indiana Jones.

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Zip-lining and hiking can take a lot out of you and theres no better environment for relaxation than the beach. Whether you are looking for Barbados villa rentals or a hotel and resort, you will have the beach. And with that is the case, life ain’t too shabby!

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